I’ve just arrived from a week spent at the Imago Relationship Therapy International Conference.  I had the good fortune to participate in a 3-day workshop titled “Despair to Repair”, which focused on helping couples deal with trauma and crisis.  Working with trauma for most of my career, I was very interested to learn how to help couples regain connection after experiencing crises. 

Drawing from relational neuroscience, Imago theory sheds light on how to increase the couple’s ability to regulate emotion by creating safety for each other.  In addition, secure attachment provides the necessary support permitting each partner to do the individual work needed to overcome trauma. 

The conference was informative and has hopefully given many psychologists additional skills to assist couples dealing with crises.  Imago theory is an inspiring body of work, continually evolving and pursuing its mission, which is: “Changing the world one couple at a time.”

Pierrette Richard, Psychologist and Certified Imago Therapist
Clinic of Applied Psychology