Adult coloring books are becoming increasingly popular. Experts in the field of psychology and art therapy have differing opinions regarding the potential benefits of coloring. Its advocates consider coloring to be a path towards mindfulness, in essence, a path to “living in the present moment’’. According to some, the gentle repetitive action of coloring focuses the brain on the present, blocking any intrusive thoughts regarding the past or the future and thus creating a state of peace. However, other experts consider that the creation of original art, versus the act of coloring preexisting patterns, has greater therapeutic benefits. Further research is necessary in order to establish coloring as an evidence-based tool for anxiety and stress management. However, empirically proven or not, people who color certainly perceive the activity as being relaxing as well as stress relieving. We therefore invite you to de-stress and self-express!

Mélanie Léger, D.psy.
Resident in psychology