Yoga practice has grown in popularity for the management of stress, chronic pain and many other health conditions. Could it really provide some relief to clients suffering with debilitating symptoms of PTSD?

There seems to be a growing consensus among health professionals who specialize in the treatment of PTSD in regards to yoga as an important adjunct treatment to the more conventional approaches. More recent research studies have demonstrated marked improvements in hypervigilance, a sympathetic nervous system reaction, for clients who practice yoga. Having said this, yoga can be intimidating for some people who may have pre-conceived beliefs regarding the skills required, clothes to wear and even the link to religious practices. The reality is that mainstream programs have a variety of options that can meet the needs of most. 

Yoga may not be your first pick, but when a treatment offers increased wellness, fitness, and flexibility as the list of potential side effects, it may be worth considering.

Christine Belliveau
Clinic of Applied Psychology