Happiness has always been a subject of interest in psychology. However, recently, the issue of happiness has increasingly been placed at the forefront of our minds. With magazines, books and smartphone applications having happiness as their main focus, some argue that we have become obsessed with the concept of happiness. However, this is with good reason. Specifically, some studies have shown that happiness contributes positively to our well-being, as well as our health. Among other benefits, happier people tend to sleep better, have stronger more intimate friendships, and also tend to be in better physical health. This certainly makes the search for happiness alluring. But what actually leads to our happiness? What are the factors and habits that contribute to a fulfilled and satisfactory life? In this article, you will find three factors or practices that, among many others, are said to lead to greater happiness.

Mélanie Léger, Psy.D.
Resident in psychology