In honour of the upcoming Creative Arts Therapy Week, which will occur from March 12th to 18th, 2017, below you will find a few interesting facts about Art Therapy:

  • Creating art can be a positive gateway to self-expression, self-exploration and the development of insight.
  • Art can allow us to express our thoughts, feelings and experiences in ways that may otherwise be difficult for us to express.
  • Art can help us be more present in the moment and can allow us to develop and improve our mindfulness skills.
  • Individuals who engage in a daily creative activity (e.g., art journaling, knitting, playing a musical instrument, etc.) report higher levels of creativity and positive well-being.
  • Art therapy has shown encouraging results when it comes to the treatment of trauma and specifically, combat-related trauma.

Art therapy is certainly a vast field and this is only a brief glimpse into its many applications and benefits. If you would like more information on Art Therapy, I would invite you to visit the Canadian Art Therapy Association’s website

Finally, don’t forget that when you’re having a hard time expressing yourself through words, you can always say it through art!

Mélanie Léger, Psy.D.
Resident in Psychology