The benefits of random acts of kindness are well documented in the literature. Indeed, research illustrates that being kind to others has positive effects on both our physical and mental health. The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation summarizes these benefits in their document called Kindness Health Facts. The Science of Kindness video below also offers a dynamic explanation of the science behind the benefits of kindness.

Given these well-established benefits, the Clinic of Applied Psychology (CAP) sets out to make a small difference in our community in 2018. In fact, we challenge ourselves to increase positive, altruistic, and kind acts not only at the CAP, but also in the community. In addition, we encourage our clients and other members of the community to increase such random acts of kindness. We will share these acts of kindness via our blog and social media sites throughout the year. Stay tuned for more details regarding our kindness project in upcoming weeks.

We wish you all a New Year filled with health and happiness!

Christine Arsenault