Our Random Act of Kindness Challenge is in full swing! Indeed, this past week, staff and clients have shared some of their kind acts with us and we gladly share them with you below. By doing so, we hope to inspire others to spread the kindness!

  • I made a handmade card for a friend to celebrate her achievement.
  • I noticed that my elderly neighbors had not cleaned their yard. I knocked at their door and learned that they were both sick. Therefore, I cleared their driveway with my snow blower.
  • I saw an adult pick up money that fell to the ground and returned it to the person that lost it.
  • I helped a fellow plow his driveway (he is an older guy). I offered to open the front of his driveway. Then, I helped another neighbor and his wife who were stuck in their car ~ I pushed and helped them out.
  • I gave my warm mittens to a woman at a street car stop as it was very cold and she had none and seemed without much money. I put all my change (about $10) in one of them and got on street car before she could give it back.
  • My colleague’s husband came to our parking lot at work to clean her car since it had been snowing all day. She’s pregnant.
  • I bought a coffee and a muffin to a homeless person.
  • I open the door for people on a regular basis.
  • My act of kindness is to compliment Michelle Gauthier-Belliveau on her excellent support and care towards her clients. You can easily tell that she loves her job. Thanks Michelle for helping us with finding the answers we were searching for!
  • My elderly neighbor had eye surgery. So, my husband removed the snow from his driveway to help him out.
  • I bought a pair of prescription glasses to a child that needed them but whose parents couldn’t buy them. The optometrist examined the child for free.
  • I gave a work-related book to a colleague as a gift.
  • My son-in-law bought a used car for one of his employees who needed to travel long distances to make a salary.
  • I cleaned out my library and donated personal and professional books to a charitable agency who was preparing for a book sale.
  • I bought a $50 grocery to a homeless person.

Thank you to all the contributors!