Our Act of Kindness Challenge is ongoing! Clients and staff continue to engage in wonderful acts of kindness in our community. Here are some examples that they shared with us in recent weeks:

  • I bought a box of Timbits for the office staff.
  • Standing in line at Shoppers Drug Mart, there was a lady in her 30’s paying for some items at the checkout. When advised of the total, she told the cashier to take the last item off of the list. I asked the cashier how much the baby formula cost, which was 21$. I told the cashier I would take care of it. The lady said thank you and I told her #BeccaToldMeTo.
  • While in a fast food restaurant, my husband paid for the meal of the people in line ahead of us because he thought they looked poor which made him feel bad.
  • My aunt and I volunteered at the Humanity Project serving food to the homeless and disadvantaged.
  • I know of someone who kindly donated magazines for a waiting room.
  • During the winter storm, I dropped off a couple of coffees for my wife and her co-workers at their place of employment.
  • I like to bring soap and hygiene products when vacationing in the South (these products are expensive for the locals).
  • Next Sunday, I am hosting a yoga/lunch at my house. I am asking the ladies to bring “bed sheets/blankets for a single bed” for a friend that will be going on a 2-month mission in Colombia. She and her husband will be helping the elderly in the north of Colombia.
  • I cleaned the snow off my husband’s car this morning.
  • I gave my sheep-wool gloves to a man that was walking in -30°C and brought him to his place of work. His eyes were wet and I thought it was because of the cold but he said “no, they’re tears of joy!”.
  • Yesterday, at the medical clinic, I witnessed an act of kindness. A young man gave his appointment to a dad and his sick child that had no appointment. The young man would come back the following day without having an appointment! The dad was very touched and thanked the young man numerous times while shaking his hand. The young man replied that the child seemed to need the appointment more than himself.
  • I prepared a soup for an elderly person in my community.

Let’s continue to spread the kindness!