Our Acts of Kindness Challenge is still going strong! We continue to collect the wonderful acts of kindness that clients and staff are willing to share with us. Here are some examples that they shared with us recently:

  • Gave clothes to a friend.
  • Donated clothes, shoes, etc. to the Salvation Army.
  • Added to a display outside an apt door (ceramic frogs, rock & little wooden chair)
  • I have opened up a private Facebook group for people in my workplace to motivate, to move more/exercise. I volunteer my time on the page, posting motivation and also arranging classes with local studios so we can try them all together.
  • Someone listened when I needed them to (they let me talk, they didn’t give me solutions, they gave me suggestions).
  • I treated my friend to a free lunch at McDonald’s (I bought her meal) and I felt really good and happy inside.
  • When we saw a young couple with 3 young girls walking on the street, we decided to offer our son’s trampoline that he didn’t use.  They came to get it and the girls were very happy.
  • Brought/ bought some flowers for a senior a few streets over from my house who always gardens beautifully but one time said he found flowers too expensive and may not continue doing his garden. He is 93 years old.
  • Every week for 7 full years, we leave 3 bottles of ice cold water for our garbage men.#beccatoldmeto
  • Last night at Walmart I was waiting in the parking lot in my truck a young lady was with a cart full but no vehicle.I put down my window and ask her if she was ok.She said she couldn’t find her boyfriend.  I gave her a ride home to Elmwood area at night.
  • Give food to homeless kids
  • Playing a game that I did not want to play but my BFF did.

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted!