The Clinic of Applied Psychology provides a range of assessment services to businesses. Some of the assessments offered are:
  • Candidate’s capacity to work in high-risk occupations (fitness-for-duty) such as police work, firefighting, ambulance services, etc.
  • Psychological assessment of employees on medical leave.
  • Management styles, emotional intelligence, leadership skills, etc.
  • Evaluation of team performance.
  • Forensic psychological assessment.

Even if your assessment needs are not listed here, do not hesitate to contact us so that we may answer your questions and direct you to the appropriate services.
The Clinic of Applied Psychology has a broad experience in providing professional services in various workplace settings in government and the private sector, such as financial institutions, the school community, hospital settings, and for police personnel and legal staff. We offer the following services:
  • Assessment and research on themes of psychology and wellness.
  • Development and implementation of intervention plans based on your needs, e.g. preparing a critical incident response protocol, group sessions on fostering teamwork, etc.
  • Corporate coaching.
  • Workshops on themes such as burnout, preparing for retirement, communication, wellness, etc.
  • Specialized clinical interventions to an organization’s management team or their employees.
  • Independent Psychological Evaluation.
  • Other
Even if your consulting needs are not on this list, do not hesitate to call us so that we may answer your questions and direct you to the appropriate services.
Corporate coaching is a collaborative relationship between a coach and one or more clients who wish to improve their performance and foster their growth in the workplace. These clients occupy positions such as supervisor, executive, manager or business owner in an organization. The client can also be a group of people such as a management team or a work group. The objectives of corporate coaching are both to increase the client’s efficiency and to contribute to better results for the organization.

Corporate coaching is based on a partnership formed between the client, the coach and key people within the organization. These partners agree on the goals to be pursued and on the expected results of a coaching contract.

Who can benefit from corporate coaching?
How is corporate coaching conducted?
Any environment where people live or work can present traumatic events that have a negative impact on individuals, both physically and psychologically. A traumatic event is defined as any incident that threatens the life or the physical or psychological integrity of an individual. The person or persons may be the target of the incident or merely have witnessed it.

When should you go for help?
Following a traumatic event, it is imperative to act quickly and effectively to reduce its impact on individuals. The individual’s reaction to trauma is usually a normal reaction to a situation which itself is not normal or usual. A good evaluation of the condition of the people involved provides a basis for distinguishing between minor or normal reactions and those that require clinical attention.

What interventions are available following a critical and/or traumatic event?
An Employee Assistance Program is a confidential psychological intervention service intended for employees experiencing difficult situations in their personal or professional lives. The EAP is funded by employers and its purpose is to contribute to the health and wellness of employees. The Clinic of Applied Psychology has a long history as EAP provider since 1987.

When is an EAP advisable?
Why invest in an EAP?
Who can access the EAP?
How is access to the EAP initiated?
Please note: Psychologists at the Clinic of Applied Psychology can develop presentations based on your needs. The length of sessions can be adjusted to your schedule. Here is an open-ended list of workshops and lectures available